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Reading the Signs

Sermon Audio from January 16, 2022 (Second Sunday after the Epiphany) on John 2:1-11

The Certainty of Baptism

Sermon Audio from January 9, 2022 (The Baptism of Our Lord) on Romans 6:1-11

Light in the Darkness

Sermon Audio from January 8, 2022 (The Epiphany of Our Lord [Observed]) on Matthew 2:1-12

Did You Not Know?

Sermon Audio from January 2, 2022 (Second Sunday after Christmas) on Luke 2:40-52

Whom Shall We Fear?

Sermon Audio from December 26, 2021 (First Sunday after Christmas) on Psalm 111. This sermon is based on a KFUO radio segment on the “Fear of the Lord,” by Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller, ...

Sermon Audio from December 24, 2021 (Christmas Eve) on Luke 2:1-20

Stories and Surprises

Sermon Audio from December 19, 2021 (Fourth Sunday in Advent) on Micah 5:2-5a

Gaudete - Unexpected Joy

Sermon Audio from December 12, 2021 (Third Sunday in Advent) on Luke 7:18-28

The Life of Repentance

Sermon Audio from December 5, 2021 (Second Sunday in Advent) on Luke 3:1-20

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